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Suburban Legends is a letterpress poster exhibition presented by The Distillery. 13 artists tell their own story of Sydney's diverse suburbs. Artists included Vince Frost, Toby & Pete, Chris Doyle, Dave Foster, Gemma O'Brien, Jirat Patradoon, Matt Huynh, Glen Barry, Jess Foy, Liv King, Adam Flannery and Ben Toupein

This was an invitation to the exhibition, which featured a die cut package, 3 'postcards' and a poster. Each item was letterpress printed in house. Each postcard features a little vignette, a moment in Sydney, such as driving under the harbour bridge or eating noodles in Cabramatta. Using the overlaid film, each postcard tells a little story through 5 frames of animation.

The exhibition raised over $10,000 for the Starlight Children's Foundation.

Produced under the direction of The Distillery
Design: Daryl Prondoso
Letterpress Printing: Daryl Prondoso and Adam Flannery
Photography and Video: Dave Katague
Exhibition Curation: Daryl Prondoso
Awards: For Print Only 2012-13 Awards, Three Stars
Create Design Awards 2013, Finalist, Print Creative